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Adrian Cavalieri

Independent research group leader

Adrian is a Professor of Physics at the University of Hamburg. His research is focused on extreme-timescale dynamics in condensed matter systems, from the few-femtosecond to attosecond timescale.

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Hamburg, Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.069
Phone: -5376
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Ivanka Grguraš

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Ivanka joined Adrian's group to study ultrafast dynamics in condensed matter systems.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.045
Phone: - 6207

Alberto Simoncig

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Alberto is currently interested in the application of radiation generated via the HHG process for performing time-resolved experiments in condensed matter with extreme temporal resolution.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.057
Phone: - 6214

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