Photo magnetism in complex matter

hidden phase Manganites are a prototype of correlated electron systems in which charge, orbital and spin order are stabilized by the complex interaction of electronic, magnetic and lattice degrees of freedom. Via chemical composition the kinetic energy of electrons in the 3d-orbitals of these perovskite-like structures can be tuned such that a rich variety of conductive and magnetic phases emerges.
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Light control of superconductivity

We have used mid-infrared femtosecond pulses to manipulate the lattice directly, to transform non-superconducting La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4 into a transient three-dimensional superconductor ... → more

Strong field electromagnetic pulses of THz radiation were used to affect the conducting properties of a high-Temperature superconductor ... → more

Many body dynamics in Mott insulators

The interplay of correlations that leads to electronic order in the Mott transition or Chare Density Wave state is one of the key challenges in correlated electron systems. It gives rise to a large variety of different ground states ranging from bad metallic states to superconductivity. → more

Dynamics in low dimensional charge density wave systems

In this research we use light stimulation to drive collective ground states of matter known as charge density waves (CDW). These are solids that exhibit spatial modulations of the electron density,accompanied by a collective lattice distortion. The dynamics of the electronic and lattice system is coupled. → more

Nonlinear phononics

ionic raman scattering illustration vibrational modes Nonlinear phononics, as demonstrated here, can be used to control crystal structures in a new way, opening the path to selective lattice modifications impossible with electronic excitations. It leads to new avenues for the control of condensed matter with light ...
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