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March 2013:

A. Dienst et. al.
Nature Materials, advanced online (2013)


Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Pressemitteilung:
⇒ Superwelle im Supraleiter deutsch

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf Press Release:
⇒ Light Tsunami in a Superconductor english text
⇒ Licht-Tsunami im Supraleiter deutsch

December 2013:

The europian research network 'Frontiers in Quantum Materials'Control (Q-MAC) wins one of the first 'Synergy Grants' of the European Research Council (ERC). With Andrea Cavalleri (MPSD, Uni-Hamburg) as leading principal investigator of Q-Mac.

⇒ ERC press release
⇒ Univ. Hamburg Press release deutsch

September 2012:

One of our images was chosen for the cover of the Physics Today September 2012 issue.

⇒ Physics Today September 2012

March 2012:
A. Caviglia et al.
Physical Review Letters, 108, 136801 (2012)
Research Highlights in Nature Materials:
⇒ Beaten to Action by Joerg Heber english text

March 2012:
Andrea Cavalleri

Popular newspaper article about Andrea Cavalleri in Hamburger Abendblatt:
⇒ Der Rote Faden: "Ein Oxford-Professor im Schöpfungslabor" deutsch

March 2012:
A. Caviglia et al.
Physical Review Letters, 108, 136801 (2012)
Selected for American Physical Society - Viewpoint:
⇒ Ultrafast Phase Control in Oxide Thin Films by María J. Calderón english text

January 2012:
M. Först et al.
Physical Review B 84, 241104(R) (2012)
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Press release SLAC:
⇒ "Shaken, Not Heated: the Ideal Recipe for Manipulating Magnetism" english text

Mar. 2012:
Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics -
Recommendated and a Commentary by Sunil Sinha (UCSD) ⇒ PDF english text

October 2011:
J. C. Petersen et al.
Physical Review Letters 107, 177402 (2011)
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Press release Science & Technology Facilities Council:
⇒ "Extreme ultraviolet movies reveal inside story of complex materials" english text

August 2011:
M. Först et. al.
Nature Physics, 7, 854856 (2011).
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Press release Max Planck Society:
⇒ "Resonanz mit Nachhall"   deutscher Text
Forschungsmeldungen der Universität Hamburg:
⇒ "Schwingende Atomgitter unter Kontrolle" german journal
Press release Physics Department, University of Michigan:
⇒ "The Birth of Nonlinear Phononics" english text
Physikportal pro-physik.de:
⇒ "Ein Puls zwei Schwingungen"english text

July 2011:

A. Dienst et. al.
Nature Photonics, 5, 485-488 (2011)
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"Controlling superconductivity"
Interview with A. Cavalleri, Nature Photonics, 5, 506 (2011)

News and views: "Superconductors: Terahertz superconducting switch"
Marc Gabay & Jean-Marc Triscone, Nature Photonics, 5, 447-449 (2011)

⇒ Cover image of the Nature Photonics issuecov-min


June 2011:

Press release Max Planck Society:
⇒ "Ultraschneller Schalter für Supraleiter" german journal 
⇒ "Ultrafast switch for superconductors"
Forschungsmeldungen der Universität Hamburg:
⇒ "Supraleitung in Bruchteilen einer Sekunde umschalten" german journal
On sciencegermania.com:
⇒ "Interruttore ultraveloce per superconduttori. Impulsi terahertz possono interrompere temporaneamente la conduzione senza perdite di corrente" (search for Cavalleri on this page)italian

June 2011:

About Henri Ehrke in 'diamond news, summer 2011':


⇒ "The Ultrafast student" (online article)
⇒ diamond news - Update from Diamond Light Source Summer 2011
⇒ Diamond Light Source, Beamline I06
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March 2011:
Interview Deutschlandfunk ⇒ "Schlagartig widerstandslos" german journal

American Ceramic Society Bulletin
March 2011 (Page 18)

⇒ "Superconducting, nonsuperconducting states of cuprates ‘not that different'


January 2011:
D. Fausti et. al.
Science,331, 6014 189-191 (2011)
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Press release Oxford University:
⇒ "Light touch transforms material into a superconductor" Press release Oxford University
Press release Max Planck Society:
⇒ "Lichtblitz bricht den elektrischen Widerstand" german journal
Press release University of Hamburg:
⇒ "Laserblitz lässt Strom verlustfrei fließen" german journal
On sciencegermania.com:
⇒ "Impulsi laser infrarossi trasformano una ceramica di ossido di rame in un superconduttore e aprono una nuova strada verso un ampio utlizzo di questi materiali" (search for Cavalleri on this page)italian

Sept. 2009:

"Highlights aus dem Programm der Kondensierten Materie (SKM)"

⇒ "Plasmonen, Spinspiralen und Graphen" german journal
Rainer Scharf
⇒ Physik Journal 9 (2009)
Seite 94 (Auszug)german journal

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