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Condensed Matter Division,
Max Planck Research Department for Structural Dynamics
at the University of Hamburg,
Center for Free Electron Laser Science (CFEL)
(short: MPSD, CFEL)

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Short Bio

Mounting the last ribosome xtal.
Mounting the last ribosome xtal.

Joerg studied physics (high energy physics) and meteorology in Hamburg. He joined Ada Yonath's Max Planck Research Group for Ribosomal Structure in 1992 to work on his diploma and PhD (1999) for various tasks in protein crystallography on ribosomes.

After so many years refining the experiment he continued as PostDoc to be heavily involved in solving the first 3D molecular structure of the small ribosomal subunit. The structure of a mesophilic large subunit and complexes thereof with antibiotics followed. (Nobel prize in Chemistry 2009 for Structure and Function of the Ribosome, for A. Yonath, V. Ramakrishnan and T. Steitz)
In 2005 he continued working on the structure solution of ribosome complexes in Paola Fucini's group at the Max Planck Inst. for Molecular Genetics in Berlin and later in the Excellence Cluster for Macromolecular Structures at the Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt am Main.

From more than 100.000 to a few atoms per unit cell: August 2009 Joerg joined the Cavalleri group in Hamburg to work on the interface between science and communication and for some crystallography.

Selected graphics and photos:

Induced superconductivity, CuO2 striped layers of a LESCO cuprate (PovRay+Illustrator+Photoshop)
Poster for the Ultrafast X-Ray Summer School 2011.(Fotos+Illustrator+Photoshop)
On the cover of Nature Photonics- Aug.2011: Layers of a LSCO cuprate with the change between superconducting and non-sc areas - SC along c-Axis. (PovRay+Illustrator+Photoshop)
Cover Images Faraday Discussions 153
THz single pulse (blue) and

Laser beam and circular waves in a crystal structure. (Pov-Ray)
Crystal structure reflection on the center Ytterbium of a YBCO high temperature superconductor

HDR image made from 7 different exposure times.

Laser beam - long time exposure with white plate moved along beampath.
Back to Hamburg: as a member of our scientific advisory board Ada Yonath visits two of her former colleagues.

A few selected publications about ribosome structure and complexes with antibiotics:

Snapshot: Antibiotic Inhibition of Protein Synthesis I + II (enhanced)

Daniel Sohmen, Joerg M. Harms, Frank Schlünzen, Daniel N. Wilson

Cell, Sept. 18, Vol. 138-6, p1248 + Oct. 2, Vol. 139-1, p212 (2009)

Translational regulation via L11: Molecular switches on the ribosome turned on and off by thiostrepton and micrococcin.

Harms J.M.*, Wilson D.N.*, Schluenzen F.*, Connell S.R., Stachelhaus T., Zaborowska Z., Spahn C.M.T. and Fucini P.

Molecular Cell, 30(1):26-38 (2008)

Structural basis for the interaction of antibiotics with the peptidyl transferase center in eubacteria.

F. Schluenzen*, R. Zarivach*, J. Harms*, A. Bashan, A. Tocilj, R. Albrecht, A. Yonath and F. Franceschi.

Nature, 413, 814-821 (2001).

High resolution structure of the large ribosomal subunit from a mesophilic eubacterium.

J. Harms*, F. Schluenzen*, R. Zarivach*, A. Bashan, S. Gat, I. Agmon, H. Bartels, F. Franceschi & A. Yonath.

Cell, 107, 679-688 (2001).

Structure of a functionally activated small ribosomal subunit at 3.3 A resolution.

F. Schluenzen*, A. Tocilj*, R. Zarivach, J. Harms, M. Gluehmann, D. Janell, A. Bashan, H. Bartels, I. Agmon, F. Franceschi & A. Yonath.

Cell, 102, 615-623 (2000).

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